I grew up in the wild and beautiful landscape of New Zealand. I enjoy travel and have lived in Australia, Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand. I have shared houses with Japanese, Korean, Thai and Malaysian friends. My work is heavily influenced by living and working cross-culturally, and responds to the myriad of cultures that make up the Asia Pacific.


My art practice moves easily from one process to the next, employing painting, sculpture, installation, photography and digital manipulation as I respond to living in different environments. My ideas, and the process of creating work that responds to those ideas, dictate the media I use. My oeuvre embodies a diverse range of media including bronze, glass, ceramic, chocolate, seaweed, lard, fabric, digital art, paint and paper. I like to explore ideas that intrigue me, find creative solutions to problems, comment on the world around me and respond to the physicality of combining a variety of art materials in new and dynamic ways. I also enjoy creating site-specific installations, utilising light, space and sculptural forms that are informed by an interest in architecture and design. A reoccurring thread through my work is the way I engage in the creative process through the immediacy of paint. This expressive journey celebrates the process of creating, capturing a moment, responding to my environment, memory or experience in an immediately physical, tactile and poetic manner. I drip, pour, dot, flick and swirl paint, ink and other media across the surface of the work, creating an all-over composition influenced by painting's recent history. My current body of work is informed by a conceptual painting framework that investigates the conventions of painting and utilises contemporary technologies, aesthetics and materials.


My cross-cultural collaborative work aims to promote peace, empathy and mutual understanding through rich conversations and shared knowledge, building networks, and establishing connections between communities, art and life. My vision is to create opportunities for change through my art and collaborative practice. I endeavour to approach my collaborative work with humility, integrity and respect for difference.

Just as my infant daughters shows such delight in their everyday life experiences, I strive for my art to inspire a sense of wonder, be thought provoking and challenge viewers to see and experience the world in a new way. Underpinning my work is my faith in, and experience of, a creative God.

© 2015 by Wendy Grace Allen